My name is Isabella P.M.D. The P and M stand for middle names, except I don’t like them. The D stands for my last name, and I like it, but that’s for me to know and you to find out by stalking me on Facebook (or something). You can call me Bella (and B), and that is all.

Unfortunately/Fortunately there are a lot of spectacular/interesting/unique/beautiful/famous Bellas in this world. Me? I’m the least famous, but just as ~fabulous~ (at least if you ask my Mom, Dog, and friends…on the right day).


I’m twenty-three and working in the District. I have a late birthday for my grade so I use that as my excuse for my obnoxiously terrible case of the Peter Pan syndrome. I enjoy giving advice but not taking it, baking brownies just to lick the bowl, always using the Oxford comma, and gazing lovingly into my dogs eyes… hbu?