Everyone has to start somewhere.

First, let me explain how this came into fruition because frankly, I pride myself in being a non-blogger.

Events prior to starting blog: first long-term relationship (March 2015-June 2017), college graduation (May 2016), first full-time adult job (June 2016), first non-college apartment (July 2016), first full-time dog (December 2016), first full-time paying for everything including my car registration and insurance, etc.

What I am trying to get at is……… while the majority of the world is still shitting themselves because “2016 was the worst year ever,” I am pacing and anxiously questioning everything like… “wtf just happened???!?!” 2016 was a breeze,  not because it was easy but because there was SO MUCH GOING ON that I physically have no leftover energy to spare.

Yet in terms of “life goals and milestones,” 2016 was pretty banging. Spectacular, even. I graduated from an amazing university, got a full-time job (that on paper looks out of my league), and started living 100% autonomously. You heard it here first people: I am a millennial that is paying my own way *including taxes*, alive, questionably-healthy, and very happy.  

Now on to explain this blogging nonsense.

Then: June 2016

I started my first job during the last week of June, kissing the concept of “summers” goodbye on my way out. First, I was stupefied upon learning I was employed (like wut? u wanna pay me moneys?). Second, I was shocked because the job I thought I got wasn’t even close to the position I was hired for. And third, terrified because who was I to work at “prestigious international law firm with offices in Beijing, Brussels, London… consistently ranks the top 15 law firms on Vault….As of 2015, it is the largest and most prestigious law firm in Washington, DC.” I wont lie, I didn’t think I had a chance during the interview. I’m not a white-marble and chrome kinda girl. So when I found out I was hired? Ha, that’s a story for another time.

It wasn’t until Wednesday of my first week that I found out what my job entailed, and without giving too much information, I was super pumped and felt really (trigger word) special. Then I met who I was replacing, and boy, bless the G (for this story we are going to call her “CeeCee”). I spent about 3 days feeling super pumped and really special before “CeeCee” informed me that our job was a formality. We were (I was) there to make the money gods happy and our world flow a little smoother. Essentially, the job was to sit and wait until someone way more (and I mean way more) important than me, needed assistance. So after the remainder of the week shadowing “CeeCee,” she left and I was implanted as her replacement.  As I approach the main point of this “story time” it’s important that you understand that “CeeCee” and I were wildly similar, from the way we spoke to how we spent our free time…. it was easy to tell we would have been friends in college. Before “CeeCee” departed she left me with a few final words of advice (that I feel obliged to share with you): (1) when old un-expecting people see red eyes they immediately assume allergies; (2) you can walk almost anywhere from here (meaning work); (3) and learn to journal because you’re going to get bored. When “CeeCee” had worked here she watched the whole series of Game of Thrones, read books, studied for the LSAT, went home to nap, went to the gym every day, among many other activities. “CeeCee” taught me more about how to spend my free time than how to skillfully do my job.

Truthfully, I don’t want to talk negatively on my job because there are some days where I am needed (and I mean NEEDED). But do those days out-number the days where I am not? Probably. Plus, if I still wanted to pursue my once “dream job” than my current job would be ideal in terms of recommendations, experience, and “making my own way.” So I’m not going “no where,” as of late. BUT currently I don’t know what I want to make of my life, so I’m just along for the ride. And I’ve decided that there is nothing wrong with that. And our own opinion is all that matters, right? (purposeful satire for those who aren’t aware)

So I buckled up. I bought a journal, signed up for the local District library, and started to explore the city.

Now: December 2016

A lot has happened since the beginning of my life, I’d say. But even more has happened since I’ve become a semi-functioning adult (including finally paying my late car registration). I’ve ditched the journal, because despite thinking the cuter the journal the more I would use it, I have only written (in total) 15 entries. I started watching a stupid (and I mean STUPID) amount of YouTube. I’ve read 6 books. I have tried to watch Netflix but I get too scared because I am a silly-little-rule-follower. I tried to make a work friend but she was strange and made me feel uneasy (probably cuz she doesn’t drink jk lolz jk).  I have explored the District. I have adopted a dog and started a “pretty active” instagram for him. I have a poppin’ Pinterest. I’ve been swallowed whole by the world of  Amazon (s/o to Alexa, mah gurl). I keep up to date on pop culture (finally know who “chance the rapper” is). I avidly stalk the Kardashian-Jenner clan. I add things to my online shopping cart but never check-out. I make sure to scan PetFinder once a day (never too many doges). I’ve started wearing a Snuggie at my desk. I workout during my lunch, unless I go shopping. I’m comfortable, clearly. And now: I’ve started to blog.

Why you ask? Because I am a good writer and I’m too lazy to write a book.




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