The Book Club I Didn’t Invite Anyone to Join

Let’s be real, I’m joining a book club with myself. But that’s okay because who needs a friend when you’re supposed to be reading?

No one. No one needs a friend.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read 12 books this year, minimum. I’m holding myself to it and so is my boyfriend, although they are not related and we are not joining a stupid couples book club because we don’t like reading the same thing. Okay? Ok.

That means one book per month, and for me… easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I luv words and shit.

I decided late last night that I was going to pre-choose the books for this year (trying to practice working through my commitment issues, baby steps).

The only rules are that I have to read the books I have ~publically~ committed to, and if I am drawn to read a different book than it has to be an additional book (hence the minimum of 12 rule). The following list is final. Except for February because I didn’t realize that a book called “Perv” would be similar to a textbook addressing the worlds perverted. I felt like I was reading a mix between my astronomy homework and the diaries of a convicted felon and quite honestly, I wasn’t jiving nearly as much as I imagined. I’ve switched it out with All the Missing Girls: A Novel, because well the title tells me all I need to know… it’s a novel, not a textbook.


January: The Female of the Species

February: Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us switched with All the Missing Girls

March: How to Murder Your Life

April: Big Little Lies

May: The Girls

June: Finding Chandra: A True Washington Murder Mystery

July: Caraval (1/2 in series)

August: Ashes (1/3 in series)

September: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

October: The Girl On the Train

November: The Nest

December: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

That list took a lot longer than I thought.


I kept cycling out choices because there were so many intriguing story-lines and expressive reviews – you’d think that would help! As you can see from the list, I do not gravitate towards certain genres or authors… but I gravitate to good stories. I am really excited and I hope that this is healthy for me, not to mention that I really have all the time in the world.

I can read at work, on my commute, instead of watching Netflix, instead of doing the dishes or the laundry, instead of hanging out with people or really anything or anyone, and even probably while I’m sleeping because I’m absolutely wonderful and full of surprises.

I have created an individual sub-page to save all posts/comments/reviews about the book club I didn’t invite anyone to join, and don’t intend to invite anyone to join in the future. Hopefully, with this page, I can organize all of my extremely interesting and intelligent book reviews in one place to be enjoyed by my extremely large fan-base. Until then…



ps. I accidentally subbed October for February sooo turned October into a free for all. oops?


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