A New Segment: All About Them Roids

During my most creative time of the day, shower-time, I thought of a brilliant way to utilize my polaroid pictures (that have literally reproduced themselves during my sleep and thrown a rager all over my school-supplies box). Not only will I have a use for them, but I’ll also be scanning them and uploading them as electronic images (which is so adult, I can’t even), while also conveniently talking about myself on my blog!!!!! Now I’ll be mostly-honest, but only because it attests to my personality: the main reason I ran with this idea was so I had an excuse to say roids… because it reminds me of 50 First Dates and Doug Whitmore (most notably the booby dance).

Nonetheless, I still think it’s both clever and cute, so I am running with it.

Essentially, whenever I feel like it, I will post a picture from my polaroid and explain the context. Sometimes it will be pictures that matter, others will be pictures that don’t. Some will be pictures of people and others will be the dupes that managed to mean something along the line. My polaroid has seen a lot, not nearly as much as me, but it’s definitely walked a mile-or-so in my shoes.


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