If You’re As Into Being A Consumer As Me: Influenster

Hello fellow blog-osphere! I have missed you so –

Today I received my second ever VoxBox from Influenster, which is a company/website that sends you free samples (food, accessories, etc.) for your review and social media outreach. The company relies on those receiving the packages on having a social media following, which they call your “impact score.” Your impact score is made up of essentially a total number of all of your social media friends (with no repeats) – in case you were wondering, mine is 2809. The first VoxBox I received was a Laura Mercier themed box with a REALLY nice eye shadow pallet. Once I realized that I could get free (nice) things, I started getting really into consumer reviews. I participate on Amazon (not for a discount unfortunately, but I’ve heard they ask you if your review presence becomes known), MyPoints (for cash moneys – tbh gift cards to the zon), and Influenster (for free things). Honestly, if I started talking about Amazon, I would probably go into shock and have a heart attack… my love for Amazon is as strong as my love for family (I’m dead serious).


I’ll go into my Amazon relationship on another blog post – because that deserves its own damn thesis.

But, nonetheless, this blog post is about Influenster – because I just got another package! Of all things WONDERFUL about Influenster, my favorite part is forgetting they exist because then the VoxBoxs are a fun surprise at work – and honestly brighten my day substantially. I mean, who doesn’t like free shit?!?!?!

This month I got the Ivy VoxBox, which was a shmorgeshborg of items including: ChapStick Duos (2 pack and individual pack), 7th Heaven foot soak/foot lotion, Trolli SourBrite mini crawlers, Gillette Venus Swirl razor, and Nubian African black soap/cleansing bar). It was like receiving a package from my grandma in college!! Completely random unrelated things, shoved into a box – because Lord knows – I am one cheap rapid consumer.


If I were you, I would run run run and sign yourself up because this is a completely truthful review that no one paid me for and quite frankly, free is the SHEiEEET.





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