Big Little Lies: I’ve been in shock for days

BLLBig Little Lies

A Novel by Liane Moriarty

Sight unseen, this would NOT be a book I grabbed off the shelf. Why you ask? Because the cover looks like a book I’d regretfully read in Safeway while I waited for the pharmacy to count my pills. Oh? Want to make a comment about judging a book by its cover? Go fuck yourself. Everyone does it and if you don’t you’re lying and stupid.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way – I’d also like to comment on how tacky and bleh I think reprinting your book is once a film adaptation has been made. I’m referring to the copy with the “stars” on the cover (i.e. Divergent, Twilight, Eat Pray Love, honestly the list could go on). I’m sure it’s a brilliant business move and sells an incredible amount of books – because we (as a consumer) are stupid – but I roll my eyes every time.

How was the book you ask? BRILLIANT. I wish I could MIB-memory-zap myself so I could read it again and experience the goose-bump nervous sweat all over again! I’ve never blown through a book so fast – especially one I had to describe as “about a preschool, I guess.” Well, what do you ask had me Matilda-ing the absolute shit-brains out of this book? Murder, of course.giphy

You find out on page 1 that someone died. Then you spend the whole book geniusly trying to figure out who died and who killed that person. If you think a pre-school doesn’t set the tone for a perfect murder, think again. Not only did this book make me feel like I needed to adopt a 5 year-old ASAP but I also felt like I was 2 weeks behind on said-child’s application to school, 10 minutes late for my private boxing lesson, way behind on learning how to roast a duck, a year behind on hiring a nanny for children I don’t have, and at this point, a housekeeper too. For a book to make ME feel LATE, you know it’s good. Why? Because late is an active feeling and it’s hard for books to give you a sense of urgency. I felt like I was racing against time, in the utmost perfect and relaxing way. 

P.S. Matilda (which was a family affair in my house) made me think that if I read enough, I would develop the power to move shit with my mind. So far, no sombrero.

Big Little Lies could not come more highly suggested – whether from my college roommate or one of Nana’s bible-study pals – I had people telling me to read it from every direction. So, now that I’m done, add me to the list of annoyings because I could not be more into this book (hopefully a series??). I wanted to read the book before the show came out, although I was a little late on the before detail, but now I’ll be adding Big Little Lies to my long list of to-binge shows. Now, to hunt down my boyfriend for the HBO Now login information…. I mean I’ve already asked for it like…. 4 times. Things could get hostile. TBD.




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