This picture was taken at a party. The people? My crew. My crew? That’s another story. For now, just know they are the people that made Virginia Tech into a home, far more than a University.

While this particular party was freakin ~bangin~ and had many notable moments (involving mustaches and bunnies), I look at this picture and see something completely different. I see a night full of giddy-alcohol-filled bellies and laughter, but I also see how the party followed us home. No, 100+ people didn’t come crash our house and restart the shenanigans. Yes, we left rather early (midnight) with the intention of doing something after. No, we didn’t actually do anything of substance.

What happened you ask? Well, we decided to have a sleepover. Yup, we left a party to have a legit, 6th-grade-style sleepover. 6 college friends went to a birthday party for a mutual friend, left before midnight via the Mom-Express (S/O to you Mama-Beth, you rock), got Taco Bell (again, Beth, you’re killing it), and then proceeded to play with those weird fire-cracker balls you throw on the ground… for like… HOURS. It was everything a twenty-something needed to remind them of how grateful they should be. I sit here now, thinking about that night and my brain focuses on the time we spent together, enjoying each other’s company, and not shoving people out of the way to get to the keg. In the morning, we all woke up at the same time (sleepover miracle) to a full blown buffet breakfast and Enter Sandman being played over the house-speakers. Seriously, could those 24-hours get any better? Yes, duh. After breakfast and getting to chit-chat with Erik’s perfect parents, we all went (in our jammies) to see a movie. I see this picture and I see people that I love VERY much. I see people who brought other people into my life that I love VERY much. I see this picture and my heart feels full.